Touring is a great way to see the sights, whether in the company of new friends, or in a group of friends and family. Travel on King has a wide variety of options, to suit just about everyone.

Active / Adventure

If the traditional trip isn’t what you’re looking for there are a variety of holidays to suit the more adventurous and active traveller.

From cycling holidays, walking trails or trekking the Himalayas, these trips are designed for those people who love the outdoors and wish to be involved in the natural beauty of the countries they are visiting.

Then there are the Adventure tours. These are usually small groups travelling to places less travelled and off the beaten track. You immerse yourself in the culture and nature of the countries, sometimes travelling on public transport or 4WD vehicles.

In many cases these two types of tours are combined, so your experience is more involved rather than just an onlooker.

Travel on King have vast experience in creating the perfect active and adventure tours.

Independent Itineraries

At Travel on King planning your individual holiday is what we specialise in.

For those of you who know exactly what you want to do, but can’t find it in any tour brochure and frankly would rather not be herded around in a group, this type of holiday is for you.

We can arrange your flights to your destination, book accommodation in that location, arrange the odd sightseeing tour, book a train to the next city or maybe you would like a car for a few days, the options are almost endless.

We’d love to tailor-make your holiday to your timeframe and interests. So if you can’t find that perfect holiday in one tour, come and see us and we will make it happen.

Self Drive

If being chauffeured around in a group tour is not your thing and you are happy to drive yourself, then a self drive tour is for you. You are able to choose where you want to go and when, stopping when it suits you, able to spend as much or as little time in places. You only have to get up early if you choose to as there are no timetables to adhere to.

Travel on King can offer a fantastic range of car and motorhome rentals across the globe and close to home. For those longer stays in Europe, we can offer car leasing, which makes your holiday much more affordable.

Combine your car rental with some pre-booked accommodation or just go as you please.

Small Group Tours

Travelling in a small group holiday is extreamlly flexible and allows you to be less conspicuous – you can travel and eat with the local people, stay in smaller, family-run hotels and visit places inaccessible to larger groups. In a small group it’s much easier to get off the beaten track, meet people and experience authentic local life. Not only does this minimise your impact on the environment, it also makes for a better, more inspiring experience for you.

Travel on King are able to design small group tours to meet your needs or find you an existing tour to slot into.

Traditional Coach Tours

Coach Touring enables you to sit back and let someone else do the hard work, with the opportunity to discover new destinations, understand different cultures and  experience history.

You are able to travel well thought-out itineraries whether they be multi-country or one country; there is a coach tour that will suit everyone’s taste.

On a guided tour all the details and meals are expertly taken care of, as you travel between exciting experiences and locations. You still have lots of independent time but also the fun of travelling in company and making new friends with the added attention of a dedicated and knowledgeable driver to transfer you smoothly between locations.

Coach tours have changed over the last decade in the same way as cruising: more luxurious, more varied, and appealing to an increasingly wider range of people. Top-range coaches can cost more than $400,000 and have facilities to match. The best have plugs for iPods and mobiles and free Wi-Fi allowing passengers to catch up on emails, or to Facebook or Instagram their experiences

Coach touring offers more time in the places you want to explore, rather than spending time working out how to get there or what to see when you're there,"

Coach tour itineraries have been put together by experts who consider value and timing, and have then been honed over years of practical experience. Putting together a similar itinerary yourself can take hours of research among car-hire companies, hotels and tours, and then you're the one obliged to road-test it yourself.

So why not take the hassle out of travelling and allow Travel on King to book you on a coach tour.

Youth Tours

If you are between the ages of 18 and 35 there are companies that cater just for you. Whether you are one of the party crowd or wanting to immerse yourself in the country but wish to travel with people of your own age. 

Some of these tours are tourist-oriented to see the sights or others are more adventurous. If you wish to have everything organised for you the group tours will be great for you. There are also companies that can just organise your transport or perhaps special events like Running with the Bulls or Oktoberfest. They have sailing trips in Croatia or Greek Island interludes.

Whatever your needs, there is a youth tour available for you, so talk with Travel on King to find out all the options available to you.

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