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I feel the need to write to You and Thank You so much for all the help, you have provided us in organising our travel and accommodation in Thailand.

Being almost 18 of us, and spread out from Melbourne to Brisbane, you have single handily made it all come to fruition.

As you are aware, this trip is for the our loss of our only son who had paid to go to Thailand but didn’t get to go because of a tragic accident, so we go there for him.

Each year, you have made our pilgrimage so easy to organise.

This is our biggest year ever in numbers, and yet, it feels no different to organise than the first year there, when there was only the 4 of us.

I know a lot of our group have contacted you via email and are very impressed with not only your quick replies, but the advice that you have given them.

Karli – you are amazing at what you do, and Travel on King should be very proud to have you as part of their team.


Everyone at Travel on King demonstrate an excellent attitude towards personal service.  They provide the type of service that far exceeds "on line" bookings.  At all times you can feel confident that the arrangements made by staff are indeed supported by their professional ethics.

Attention to details by the staff is excellent.  The staff are courteous, professional and caring.  Nothing is too much bother.  Should you need extra local assistance with destination information - they listen to your needs and guide you.

Carole and John

Working with Sally and the Team at Travel on King made planning my recent holiday in Thailand an effortless experience.  Having not travelled to Thailand previously, I found their personal travel experience and expertise invaluable.  Their accommodation, airline choice and handy hints on "what to do" when over there was great insider knowledge.  I would highly recommend using Travel on King for your next holiday, I certainly will be.


I have been travelling internationally since 1978. Sally has organised numerous vacations for me, all of which have gone off without a hitch. Most of my holidays have been of 6 to 8 weeks duration with extended stays on various continents within the same trip - Egypt combined with England combined with India being one such trip. Regardless of the multi-faceted aspect of my requirements, Sally’s time, effort and expertise have always guaranteed a hassle-free experience.

From independent travel with contracted  drivers; to car hire to cruises to train tickets to escorted coach trips, Sally’s organisation has been impeccable. I have always valued her ideas and advice. Her service is  caring, friendly but above all, truly professional.