Terms and Conditions

Important Travel Information & Schedule of Fees

Fees for Service

In order for us to provide a professional level of service and cover the costs of arranging your travel requirements we charge various fees for service. The amount charged will depend on the service provided and full details are found in our Schedule of Fees. These fees are charged in addition to those charged by Airlines & Travel Suppliers.


Our Travel Agency booking deposit is charged per person and is non-refundable if you should cancel. Additional deposits may be required by Travel Suppliers and Airlines.


We accept Cash and Cheque for all purchases. Cheque clearance is required prior to the release of Travel Documents. Credit Card payments are accepted on most purchases however fees may apply.


In the event of cancellation after your full payment is received, 10% of your booking value is forfeited as a cancellation fee plus any additional fees charged by Tour Operators and Airlines subject to their booking conditions.


If you are eligible for a refund once a booking has been cancelled, the balance less any non-refundable amounts and cancellation fees will be forwarded to you upon receipt of the refund from the Travel Supplier or Airline. Some refunds take upwards of 10 weeks to process.

Health & Vaccinations

Please consult your G.P for advice on Medical and vaccination requirements for your trip.

Special Requests

Special assistance and dietary requirements can be arranged where possible provided we have advice at least 72hours before you travel.

Passports & Visas

Your passport must be valid for a minimum of six months otherwise you may be denied boarding on International Flights and Cruises. You may also require visas to depart and re-enter Australia or other overseas territories applicable to your trip. It is also important that your reservations are made under the same name as that of your valid passport. We are able to assist you with the processing of your Visas for a nominal fee as outlined in our Schedule of Fees.


We collect taxes on behalf of various Airports, Airlines, Cruise Co. and Governments where possible. Please note that some countries also charge taxes which are not collected on your airline ticket. These taxes are required to be paid on arrival or departure of the country. Taxes are subject to fluctuation any time prior to full payment being made. Fly Buys points are not available on taxes.

Travel Advice

The Australian Government through the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade regularly updates travel advice on various destinations - we recommend that you refer to www.smartraveller.gov.au for the latest updates before you travel.

Foreign Cash and Money Solutions

Cash Passport is a prepaid travel money card which you can purchase from our agency and is available in 5 currencies. Lock in your value in Euros, Pounds, US, NZ (now available) or Australian dollars and then withdraw local currency at over 1 million Visa ATMs with your PIN protected card.

Travel Insurance

It is strongly recommended that you take out travel insurance at the time of paying your deposit. Please complete and return the insurance application form along with the applicable insurance premium. We will arrange for the issue of the policy. You must disclose all pre-existing medical conditions and anything else that the insurer requests. If you are organising your travel insurance with another provider, please advise us of your policy details. If you decide to purchase travel insurance elsewhere and a claim is made on that insurance, Travel On King will charge a $100.00 fee to provide any documentation.

Schedule of Fees

The following is a list of all the Travel Agency Service fees charged by Travel on King. Only some of these fees will apply to your booking and are relevant to the type of reservation you are making. Any fees charged by Travel On King will be outlined separate to this document in your quotation and statement of account and are in addition to those charged by airlines, tour operators and other travel service providers. All fees in this menu are inclusive of GST and are non-refundable. Fly Buys points are not eligible on service fee transactions. All prices shown are in Australia Dollars (AUD).

Booking Fees

  • Deposits - $165.00 per person
  • Domestic Flights - $16.50 per person per flight
  • Trans Tasman and Norfolk Is. Flights - $55.00 per person per ticket
  • International Flights - $100.00 per person per ticket
  • International Flights on a separate ticket - $ 25.00 per person per flight $100.00 maximum limit
  • Exit Row Seat Booking - $ 25.00 per person per flight
  • Domestic Package Holidays with Flights - $ 25.00 per person
  • International Package Holidays with Flights - $ 55.00 per person
  • Frequent Flyer Redemption - $250.00 per person
  • Accommodation booking in isolation - 10% with a minimum charge of $16.50
  • Car hire booking in isolation - $ 16.50 per booking
  • Coach, Rail & Ferry bookings in isolation - $ 16.50 per booking
  • Shuttle Bus & Limousine Transfers - $ 16.50 per direction
  • Late booking (within 72 hours before departure) - $ 55.00 per booking

Documentation & Processing Fees

  • Visa processing fee including courier - $ 75.00 per passport per visa
  • Initial quote - Free of charge
  • Additional Quote (deductible from your final balance) - $165.00 per quote
  • Cancellation Fee after full payment received - 10% of total booking

Amendments Fees

  • Domestic Package Holidays with Flights - $ 25.00 per person
  • International Package Holidays with Flights - $ 55.00 per person
  • Domestic Flights - $ 16.50 per person per flight
  • International, Trans Tasman and Norfolk Is. Flights - $ 55.00 per person per ticket
  • Amendment to any other service - $ 16.50 per item

Credit Card Fees*

  • Visa/MasterCard/Bankcard 1.5% surcharge
  • Diners/American Express 3.5% surcharge

*Credit Card Transaction Fees apply on most products and services. For more information please ask your consultant.