The team at Travel on King are true visionaries - winning awards and building a reputation for excellence.

Most of the team have been in the industry for decades and with Travel on King for over 10 years. Even our youngest consultant has 4 years in the industry. Come and join all those who already love our experienced and passionate team. Why not read some of the wonderful testimonials and comments our clients have been saying about us.

Barry Warwick,

Barry Warwick

Owner / Director

As a chiId I always enjoyed reading about the different cultures and landscapes of the world and would dream of seeing the great man made wonders. Becoming a travel agent has  given me an opportunity to experience some of these.  I will never forget riding a camel into the Sahara to spend the night, nor arriving in Marrakesh in the evening where it was like stepping back a thousand years. I have also had the experience of walking with lions in Zimbabwe, watching great herds of Elephant in Botswana and going inside the great pyramids of Giza. I have cruised the Rhine and walked on the Great Wall of China. Knowing that I am helping people fulfil their dreams and broaden their horizons with travel gives me the same enjoyment.

Debbie Warby,

Debbie Warby

Senior Travel Consultant

Booking holidays gives me the opportunity to describe an experience that can entice customers to embark on  new adventures. A journey can turn dreams into reality and provide an escape from everyday living.

I'm Debbie Warby and I have worked in the Travel, Tourism and Event Industry for over three decades and relish the changes and diversity it has to offer. I feel that I have lived a lifetime of discovery and have ventured into Asia, The United Kingdom, United States, Europe and The Pacific region.

Sit back and relax I can find the right destination for you!

Sally Lucas,

Sally Lucas

Senior Travel Consultant

I have been fortunate enough to be in this wonderful and everchanging industry since 1966 and have visited all 7 continents.  Antarctica was the most awe inspiring, humbling travel experience I have undertaken.  I am a well known Francophile, but also love the people and cuisine of Vietnam.  Also on my bucket list is more travel to South America.

Imparting knowledge and assisting our customers in the planning of their hassle free dream holiday is paramount to me.

I have also been fortunate to air our radio program "Talking Travel" on radio 2NURFM 103.7 for the last 10 years.

Sonya Davis,

Sonya Davis

Senior Travel Consultant

Corporate travel has been a passion of mine since day one nearly 25 years ago. I can honestly say that I like the fast pace each day brings. I enjoy the variety which can range from a Business class booking to Portland Oregon, an economy flight through to Wenshan China to a local car transfer from Vacy to Newcastle, for a medical appointment. I even enjoy the challenges of last minute changes that may arise due to my clients commitments.   My job covers a huge spectrum encompassing both domestic and International travel.                

I have been to many wonderful and exciting travel destinations including Egypt, which had always been on the top of my travel bucket list and one that I will never forget.

Jackie Miller,

Jackie Miller


Our newest team member full of enthusiasm after a long break form the industry raising her family of 5 children. She’s back with a fantastic outlook and a passion for leisure travel.

Since being back in the travel industry I have been lucky enough to have travelled to Phuket and Bali in the short time of being here.

Meeting new clients, hearing travel strories and building dream holidays is only a few of the reasons why I love my job.

Karli Asquith,

Karli Asquith


I was 10 years old when I decided that I would love to work in Travel. I was boarding my very first flight to Brisbane.  Since then I have  studied Tourism and  have worked as a Travel Consultant for the last 4 years.  There is never a day I haven’t loved what I do.

During these 4 years I have been extremely lucky to travel often.  I have been able to see Dubai from a birds eye view from the Burj Khalifa, walk the Great Wall Of China and Spot a bear from the distance in Banff as well as stay in the famous Fairmont Lake Louise in Canada.  I have also travelled to Thailand twice and I would go back in a heart beat, the culture and destination is mind blowing.

I love being able to talk to clients every day about travel . Whether it is a place on my bucket list (which is almost the rest of the world) or sharing my experiences for the places I have been.