Let us create your special trip to suit any group - small or large.

Have you ever wanted to go on a private tour with your best friends, or see the world with your family? Would you like to take a corporate team on a golfing trip to China or take your Rock‘n’Roll dance group to the USA?

We can design a customised itinerary that is self-guided or we can organise an experienced tour leader to accompany a group, anywhere in the world.

Travel on King can create itineraries for sporting clubs, culinary groups, universities, photographers, golfers, corporate groups and more.

Join our Newcastle Group Departures

We also have our one-off Group Departures that Travel on King have organised for you. You can make new friends by travelling with people from the Newcastle region, to various destinations around the world. The hassle and stress of travel planning is removed by joining your trip, travelling companions and tour leader here in Newcastle.