Below are some pitfalls we can help you look for when booking a flight.

Not all aircraft seats are the same

Don't assume that all aircraft seats are the same. There is a vast difference in the seating offered by different airlines and also within the same airline. For example the business class seating ranges dramatically from Flatbed seating (totally flat) Lie Flat seating (which is still slightly angled) to Recliner seats. Premium economy is another area where you need to ascertain what you are getting. These range from dedicated cabins that have have upgraded service, additional baggage and more comfortable seats to economy plus options that are the same seats as economy with just more legroom.

Alternate Airports

Budget airlines preferentially fly to these airports which means you may be able to obtain a cheap airfare. The cost of travelling from the airport to the city however may make your cheap airfare expensive and the travel experience longer. An example of this is Barcelona with 3 airports.

Barcelona International 13 Kilometres SW, Taxi €25 travel time 20 minutes, Bus €5.90 traveltime 25 minutes or train €4.10 travel time 25mins

Girona 103 Kilometres NE, Taxi €120.00, travel time 1 hour, Bus €15 to €25 travel time 1hour 10

Rues 106 Kilometres south Taxi €212


Flights may appear substantially cheaper when doing a web search. Always look at the duration of the flight. For example when doing an airfare search Sydney to London a good connecting flight should be under 24 hours. Many of the cheaper fares show flight times of up to 44 hours.

Are there cheaper days or times to fly?

Friday afternoon and Sunday afternoon domestically in Australia are usually more expensive time to fly as business are travelling home or need to be at a destination ready for work on Monday morning. Saturday afternoon is usually cheaper. For International flights, some airlines surcharge certain days of the week that are traditionally busier for example Saturday and Sunday flights to the USA where businessmen need to arrive and be rested for meetings commencing on Mondays.

Airline websites

We always check multiple airline fares. Airlines evaluate how flights are selling and continually adjust airfares. If a flight is selling well they will increase the airfare, conversely if it is not selling well they will drop the airfare. Don't fall for the trick that a particular airline is always cheaper. For example we often find that a Qantas fare which includes meals, baggage is cheaper than its budget carrier Jetstar because most people automatically think Jetstar is always cheaper than Qantas and do not compare the fare.


This trend started with budget airlines and is very popular in the USA. Airlines now charge separately for checked baggage, food, entertainment and even carry on baggage. The full cost of a flight is not easily compared when all these components have to be added into a fare. These charges can often escalate if they are not booked online and are paid for at the time of check in. Some of the budget carriers in Europe also charge extra if you check in at the airport and not online.

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