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What Our Clients Say

I feel the need to write to You and Thank You so much for all the help, you have provided us in organising our travel and accommodation in Thailand.

Being almost 18 of us, and spread out from Melbourne to Brisbane, you have single handily made it all come to fruition.

As you are aware, this trip is for the our loss of our only son who had paid to go to Thailand but didn’t get to go because of a tragic accident, so we go there for him.

Each year, you have made our pilgrimage so easy to organise.

This is our biggest year ever in numbers, and yet, it feels no different to organise than the first year there, when there was only the 4 of us.

I know a lot of our group have contacted you via email and are very impressed with not only your quick replies, but the advice that you have given them.

Karli – you are amazing at what you do, and Travel on King should be very proud to have you as part of their team.


Ray said about Karli